The Camp

Nathan Craze believes that the goaltender is the most important playing position in ice hockey and with that comes with a lot of responsibilities. Nathan is very passionate about coaching goalies and has designed this camp to meet the needs of every goalie. Each goalie deserves the best available training and attention to improve their game.

Professional Treatment

Nathan wants his students to be treated and feel like professionals with each student assigned their own stall all week, together with a personalised ‘Rhino Sports’ camp training jersey and a camp T-Shirt, each student will also be supplied on arrival with two rolls of stick tape and a water bottle.

Method of Coaching

Nathan’s ‘Controlled Goaltending’ style of goalie coaching uses a dynamic and effective system of techniques and Nathan will demonstrate how to make the easiest save possible by being in the correct position, at the correct angle, by being patient, reading and reacting to the play. This style is emphasized with the ever improving accuracy of a player’s shots in today’s game.

On-ice Training

Students can expect the best on-ice training with different drills each session. There will be a ratio of 3:1 students to coach. Each drill as been designed to simulate various game situations, those that goalies can expect to face during their own club/representative games. These drills are designed to make the goalie more effective by becoming familiar with drill/game situations where the student can react with confidence and adapt to any given situation through practice. Each drill will also be broken down to each student’s ability, enabling the student to understand the techniques shown for best results. These are some of the drills each student can expect:

  • Position
  • Skating
  • Movement
  • Save techniques
  • Reacting vs. Blocking
  • Rebound control
  • Recovery
  • Playing the puck
  • And so much more.

Off-ice training

In today’s game a lot more is expected of a goalie other then just stopping pucks. A goalie now has to be much more in-shape than ever before and become an athlete. Nathan’s gone that extra mile by engaging the services of a qualified Strength and Conditioning coach, who will be part of the coaching team and has designed various age related training programmes for the benefit of ice hockey goalie students. The off-ice training has being designed to correctly educate each student in various techniques to improve their fitness for the benefit of their game. Each student will receive off-ice goalie specific training as well as a training program to take away to continue their own fitness regime. Nathan has also secured the finest facilities, where students can expect:

  • Goalie specific circuit training
  • Speed and Quickness training
  • Flexibility training
  • Spin Classes (Over 16 years old goalies)
  • Weight Training (Over 16 years old goalies)
  • And so much more.

Class Room lectures

Lectures will consist of analysing drill videos recorded from the on-ice sessions from where each goalie will be appraised as to their developmental needs as well as outlining their strengths. Other lectures and PowerPoint presentations will open discussions on the more in-depth side of goaltending. The topics the students can expect are:

  • Mental Toughness
  • Game Focus
  • Preparing for a game
  • Leadership
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Injury Management
  • And so much more.

Healthy Meals and Fruit each day

Nathan promotes the importance of and maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle. Each student will be provided with a nutritious and healthy mid-day meal with a vegetarian option available. As students are active all day it’s important they receive the correct nutrition and hydration. Nathan has secured daily fresh fruit sponsorship from ‘Fyffes‘ encouraging health snacking to keep up the energy levels throughout the day.

Top Shooters

Nathan believes that having good shooters are just as important as having good coaches. Each shooter will be either a Conference, England, Great Britain or Professional player. This will greatly benefit each goalie, competing against experienced and competent players.

Camp Physio

The camp Physio is an integral part of the coaching team and the training programme. Off-ice instruction will raise knowledge and awareness of a proper injury management system ensuring students have professional assistance and advice on this important subject.
A special Parents session advising on injury management and goalie specific training will be scheduled where concerns can be aired.