Great Britain goaltender coach Nathan Craze has created the UK’s first Goaltending Academy. Developed for aspiring goaltenders who want to take their game to the next level, this program is specifically designed to breakdown the most important elements of goaltending (e.g. crease movement and efficient save selections) by providing an inclusive learning environment. The academy will enable goaltenders to advance their potential through each level of the program, benefiting from quality drills which build muscle memory and good habits for solid goaltending. During each session you will be working to enhance your strengths and eliminate weaknesses, focusing on building solid fundamentals and progressive save techniques. Nathan will be constantly coaching, teaching and demonstrating, reinforcing personal strengths, and constructively correcting mistakes.

5With the use of the Coaches Eye Video Analysis tool goaltenders will be recorded during each on-ice session and Nathan will review your game highlighting good techniques and any corrections. Nathan will assess your video, using an audio voice over and use annotation tools in order to highlight the teaching points that need to be made. These videos will be emailed weekly to each goaltender to assist with on-ice coaching.

In hockey today the goaltenders are expected to be better athletes so each on-ice session will start with off-ice training. The session will consist of a 30 minute workout which includes speed, quickness, agility and vision training. These principles will be taught through the use of agility ladders, bands, tennis ball drills, abdominal and lower back exercises, plyometrics and dynamic and static stretching.
The NCEG academy offers all year round goaltending training open to all ages and levels including adults. Our academy focus is on its exclusivity to benefit goaltenders that are looking for more consistent training. Sessions provide the opportunity to increase the much needed instruction that goaltenders may not be receiving at their clubs practices. All of our sessions are split into appropriate age and skill levels.

The academy has 2 time related slots. This allows for the goaltender/parents to book into a group/time that’s going to be more convenient for you. Both groups will receive the same training and coaching.

4In order to get the most out of the program please try to attend each session as it’s designed to progress weekly for the goaltenders’ development.

The aim of Nathan Craze Elite Goaltending Academy is to provide “Excellence in Goaltending” through the most up to date coaching techniques, session plans and first rate coaching, a product to enjoy and learn from at each session.