Welcome to Nathan Craze Elite Goaltending

1The game of hockey is continually changing and the everimproving skills of players means that goalies always need to be one step ahead. A goaltender needs to be technically solid, patient, have the ability to read the play, be quick around the net, have puck and rebound control, mental toughness and more athletic abilities.

With all this in mind the quality of goalie coaching needs to keep pace with the game with better knowledge and understanding of the goaltending position. With a student to coach ratio of 3:1 we believe this will provide additional time and opportunity for practise, understanding and development. Our aim is to improve fitness and knowledge by providing the best on-ice coaching with top quality drills and shooters, superior off-ice instruction with the benefit of strength and conditioning and injury management programmes.

2Each goalie will have quality guidance on modern up to date tips and techniques to improve all areas of their game and this is where we aim to keep ahead of other camps.

All our coaches are professional goalies playing in the British Elite or English Premier Leagues and have been extremely successful at club level and on the international stage playing for Great Britain at all age levels. Each coach as got the experience of knowing what it takes to be a successful goalie including hard work, dedication with the desire to improve and win. The knowledge gained combined with top drills and coaching provides the crucial elements to make it to the top level.

3We believe great goaltending does not end with skills and techniques. What gives a great goalie an edge over a good goalie is mental toughness and each student will have quality instruction over the week on how to improve this during class room lectures as well other parts of the goaltending position.

If you have the desire to improve, the ambition to be the best and become a successful goaltender then Nathan Craze Elite Goaltending has everything you need and will help develop your game to its highest level.